What to Do When Baby Has a Fever


What to Do When Baby Has a Fever

With the summer a distant memory and cooler temperatures in the air, we are soon approaching cold and flu season. Babies and young children are more susceptible to illness given their developing immune systems. Washing their hands and anything that potentially goes into their mouths (almost everything!) is one way to try and prevent any dreaded virus, but it’s inevitable that your baby will get sick at one point or another.

The American Academy of Pediatrics categorizes a fever in babies as anything measuring 100.4 degrees F or higher. When your baby starts feeling warm and you sense a fever lurking, here are some steps you can take to make the process a little easier for everyone:

Measure Accurately
Accurate readings are essential for confirming that your baby has a fever and monitoring status. MyThermo is a great gadget for ensuring your readings are indeed accurate, without ever having to wake the baby. This no-contact thermometer makes those middle-of-the-night readings seamless, and also lets you keep a running log in the free app.

Dress in Layers
It’s never comfortable to have a fever when you go from sweating to shivering in a matter of minutes. Keep the baby dressed in layers and err on the side of not overdressing. You want to try and keep the temperature down and keeping her in light breathable clothing is one way to help.

Offer Liquids
When baby has a fever, it’s likely she won’t have much of an appetite. But keeping her hydrated is very important. Offer breast milk or formula regularly and try to ensure that she is drinking at least a little bit frequently.

Call the Doctor
It’s good to keep your pediatrician informed of the fever status, especially if it’s on the high side and get a recommendation as to whether a fever reducer is an option. Depending on the age of your baby, it might be recommended as a way to ease discomfort.

Lots of Cuddles
When baby is sick, it’s no fun for anyone. Your baby will likely be cranky and probably won’t be sleeping very well, so it’s time to put parent/child contact into high gear and give lots of extra cuddles and reassurance. Even though she might not be feeling well physically, she will love the extra contact.

There is no way to totally predict or prevent your baby getting sick. Hopefully the illness is short-lived and she is back to her energetic self in no time. While she is under the weather, keep these tips in mind and also remember that every time she fights an illness, her immune system keeps getting stronger.

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