Tips for a Healthy Third Trimester


THE HOME STRETCH: Tips for a healthy third trimester

Congratulations! You’ve reached the third trimester of pregnancy, which means you’re 2/3rds of the way there. You may be feeling the physical and emotional effects more readily as your body is nearing the end of this amazing journey.

The third trimester is when the baby undergoes rapid growth and change, including weight gain, organ maturation and repositioning for the birthing process (American Pregnancy Association). Those little flutters of baby movement in the previous trimester might soon feel like full-on punches, kicks and full body rolls as your baby reaches its maximum space capacity.

Whether your pregnancy has progressed at a snail’s pace or has flown by, the last trimester will likely go quickly as you ready yourself, your house and your family for the anticipated addition. During these last three months, there are many things can do to ensure a healthy journey to birth for you and your newborn-to-be.

For Your Body
Eat well: By this point, hopefully any morning sickness has subsided and you have a healthy appetite. Continue to fuel yourself with nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables, and your baby will benefit, too. (And it’s OK to indulge every so often when that craving hits!)

Drink water: The recommendation during pregnancy is 8-12 glasses a day. Staying well-hydrated ensures you prevent dehydration, which can cause many pregnancy complications.

Get exercise: Stretching, swimming or walking are all great options for keeping fit during this last trimester. Our wearable health and fitness coaches are very helpful for easily monitoring activity levels.

Get rest: It can be more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Invest in a good body pillow that provides more support in bed can ease some of the discomfort.

For Your Mind
Deep breathing: In for four, out for four…Deep breathing has many benefits for you and your baby, including oxygenation, lower blood pressure and decreased stress.

Nesting: The desire to clean and organize the house in preparation for the baby’s arrival commonly occurs during the third trimester. Having things in place can calm any worries about preparedness when the baby arrives.

Be flexible: Most women envision what their birth will be like, and even have a specific plan that they’d like to adhere to. Flexibility is also important when it comes to giving birth, since there is no way to predict how it will happen.

Talk to people: Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, relying on your support system is always a source of encouragement and comfort. Every pregnancy is different, but speaking to women who have gone through it and experienced similar things as you, can certainly ease any worries.

Taking good care of yourself throughout your pregnancy can help lead to a better birth, faster recovery, and a healthy bundle of joy that you’ll soon have the pleasure of meeting.

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