Smart glucose meter

MyGluco is a smart glucose meter used to measure blood sugar levels and HbA1c which can help you detect hyperglycemia. Data syncs directly to your iOS or Android device in the BewellConnect app. Free ground shipping on orders over $50!

Monitor daily blood sugar ups and downs

Establish a consistent diabetes management routine

Analyze data over time and share with your physician



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Use self-monitoring to manage your diabetes

smart glucose meter bewellconnect mygluco

  • Test with confidence using a medical-grade, FDA-approved, and CE-certified meter
  • Get blood sugar and HbA1c results in just 6 seconds

smart glucose meter bewellconnect mygluco

  • View results easily on the portable device’s sleek LED display or in the app
  • Store up to 450 readings to create a historical record for your physician

smart glucose meter bewellconnect mygluco

  • Document your glucose levels, insulin injections, and important health events
  • Take advantage of alternative site testing for more comfortable blood glucose monitoring

Download the Bewellconnect app

MyGluco automatically syncs to the BewellConnect app via Bluetooth—no pairing or additional setup required.

View performance over time with easy to read graphs

See when results fall outside of recommended ranges with simple color-coding

Share data with providers, caregivers, and family members

Add up to 7 users on a single account

Store data securely in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Use with both iOS and Android devices

smart glucose meter bewellconnect mygluco
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Easy testing, easy results

MyGluco is easy to use and to read. Just prick your finger and insert the test strip. Results appear on the device and in the app in 6 seconds.


Technical specification

  • Battery

    2 AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Size

    3.76 x 1.97 x .89 in
  • Weight

    2.9 oz.
  • Display

    LCD screen
  • Bluetooth Technology


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