Bewell Check-up

Mobile healthcare app

By using a smart medical algorithm, Bewell Check-up can give patients a personalized assessment and advice on how urgently to consult a health care provider.

Bewell Check-up does not replace the doctor, but patients can send reports of their data to their doctors as needed.

Check-up can be used any time there is a health concern, or it will launch automatically when data is outside the recommended range.

Check-up is an artificial intelligence system developed with the expert help of MEDVIR INSIDE, which includes a team of emergency doctors with 35 years’ experience in medical decision-making.

Bewell Check-up

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A personalized assessment of your health

mobile healthcare app bewellconnect check-up

  • Provide your symptom or primary concern, and follow the prompts
  • Check-up asks you to answer a medical questionnaire to get more information

mobile healthcare app bewellconnect check up

  • Your answers, medical history, health data (any measurements taken with a connected healthcare device) and geographical location (treatment provision near you, isolated location, travel time to reach a doctor) are taken into account by Check-up
  • Check-up gives you advice on how urgently to see a doctor

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