Mobile blood pressure monitor

MyTensioWrist is a medical-grade mobile blood pressure monitor that’s compact and easy to use. Measure your systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate (bpm) daily and sync easily to the BewellConnect app to monitor over time. Free ground shipping on orders over $50!

Get accurate readings without bulky equipment

Collect data to help inform your medical treatment

Understand your risk of heart-related health events




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Track blood pressure trends over time

mobile blood pressure monitor bewellconnect mytensiowrist

  • Test with confidence using a medical-grade, FDA-approved monitor
  • Get precise, reliable arterial blood pressure measurements in just 3 minutes

mobile blood pressure monitor bewellconnect mytensiowrist

  • Improve accuracy with measurement average mode (MAM) technology that provides a weighted average of 3 consecutive blood pressure measurements
  • View results easily on the portable device’s sleek LED display or in the app

mobile blood pressure monitor bewellconnect mytensiowrist

  • Track and store data to share with your physician and inform your ongoing treatment plan
  • Understand what your numbers mean with results that are color-coded according to WHO standards

Download the Bewellconnect app

MyTensio Wrist automatically syncs to the BewellConnect app via Bluetooth—no pairing or additional setup required.

View performance over time with easy to read graphs

See when results fall outside of recommended ranges with simple color-coding

Share data with providers, caregivers, and family members

Add up to 7 users on a single account

Store data securely in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Use with both iOS and Android devices

mobile blood pressure monitor - bewellconnect - mytensiowrist
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Easy monitoring at home

Open the BewellConnect app and hit start to take your blood pressure. Three readings are taken at once and the average is instantly sent to the app.


Technical specification

  • Battery

    DC3.7V (Lithium battery, included), rechargeable with USB cable
  • Size

    .79 x 1.5 x .55 in
  • Weight

  • Display

    Screen tactile OLED
  • Bluetooth Technology


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