No contact baby and adult thermometer

MyThermo is a mobile connected, no contact adult and baby thermometer used to measure temperature of the body, room, bottle, or bath. Results can be seen on the device and tracked over time in the free BewellConnect app for iOS and Android. Free ground shipping on orders over $50!

Get peace of mind at home

Reduce the spread of germs

Share data with your healthcare provider



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Your family’s smart thermometer

baby thermometer - mythermo - bewellconnect

  • Safely read temperature with infrared technology that’s appropriate for all ages
  • View color-coded temperature on the device and in-app to alert you to non-standard readings

baby thermometer - mythermo - bewellconnect

  • Measure the temperature of your baby’s environment, from bottle to bath to bedroom
  • Track and store data for the entire family, creating up to 7 different profiles that can easily be shared with physicians

baby thermometer - bewellconnect - mythermo

  • Increase your chances of conceiving by monitoring your menstrual cycle and viewing fertility patterns in-app

Download the Bewellconnect app

MyThermo automatically syncs to the BewellConnect app via Bluetooth—no pairing or additional setup required.

View performance over time with easy to read graphs

See when results fall outside of recommended ranges with simple color-coding

Share data with providers, caregivers, and family members

Add up to 7 users on a single account

Store data securely in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

Use with both iOS and Android devices

baby thermometer - mythermo - bewellconnect
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A fast, accurate, and easy to use thermometer

MyThermo is easy to use at home with your family. Simply hold away from the temporal lobe, press the button, and view temperature on the device or in the app.



Technical specification

  • Battery

    DC3.7V (Lithium battery, included)
  • Size

    2.4 x 1.5 x 3.8 in.
  • Weight

    4.13 oz.
  • Measurement Display

    °C / °F
  • Bluetooth Technology


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