Keeping Cool During a Summer Pregnancy



Being pregnant in the summer offers many benefits such as enjoying the outdoors more readily, easier clothing choices (flowy dresses!) and the abundance of fresh produce. But the warmer temperatures also mean that pregnant women need to be a bit more cautious in how they handle the heat and humidity.

Walking around with a growing bump can be extra tiring, especially when you add 90-degree temps. And since women’s body temperatures are naturally a little higher during pregnancy to begin with (Mayo Clinic), it’s important to take some precautionary measures during the summer months to ensure you are cool and comfortable.

Here are a few ways to consider:

It goes without saying that staying hydrated is very important for pregnant women. But it can be hard to remember to bring along water every time you go out. Purchasing a water bottle with a design you love can be a great reminder to carry with you wherever you go.

Stock up on baby essentials
A super-hot day can be a great time to hit the nearest Target and take your time stocking up on nursery essentials like diapers, burp clothes and wipes. Take your time in the air conditioning!

Portable fan
Throw a portable fan into your purse for a bit of relief when you find yourself sweltering outside without A/C in sight. A shady tree and your trusty gadget can help you cool down.

Pool hop
Have a friend with a pool? Invite yourself over to dip your toes (or whole body!) into the refreshing water. You’ll cool off, and the buoyancy of being in the water can also help with any aches and tiredness you’re experiencing from the extra weight.

Know your limits
This is probably one of the most important tips. Do what you can to listen to your body. If you’re feeling tired in the morning, take it easy and don’t try to get your long list of to-dos done.
By being just a bit more careful and prepared in the summer months, you can reap all the benefits that being pregnant in the summer brings. And don’t forget about enjoying all the popsicles and ice cream you want.

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