Tech for a Healthier Kitchen



Between work, home, kids, activities, and the daily hum drum of life, it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially with the abundance of fast food restaurants (more than 186,000 establishments in the U.S.!) and the ease in which we can eat on-the-go. But the almighty kitchen, the hub of your home, is where small changes can be made to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Breaking old habits and making better choices isn’t always easy, but thankfully, technology can play a big role in making that transition easier. Here are some great gadgets to kick your kitchen and health up a notch:

Portion size is where all good intentions can go out the door. A smart kitchen scale like MyNutriScale takes the guesswork out of calories, appropriate portions and nutritional values. Whether you’re monitoring food intake to lose weight, managing an existing condition like diabetes or are just curious about your caloric intake, MyNutriScale offers precise food weights, nutritional stats and the ability to sync information into an app. ($70)

KitchenAid Diamond Blender
Forgo those fancy smoothies from the shop downtown and make them at home much more conveniently and affordably with this powerful blender. This easily crushes ice for smoothies, but also blends soups, dips, sauces and more for homemade and more nutritious meals and snacks. ($159.99)

If you’ve ever wondered what the recent “zoodles” craze is, the Inspiralizer has all the answers. Making noodles from zucchini or a wide variety of other vegetables and fruits is possible with this neat countertop gadget. There are four different blades to choose from, depending on the desired width of your noodles, and lots of very healthy (and flavorful) meal options. ($39.95)

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker
Just a few minutes of planning can do wonders for avoiding the dreaded hunger-induced need for drive-thru. Simply throw some ingredients into the slow cooker and you can leave work knowing that there is a healthy, hot and delicious meal waiting for you at home. This appliance is enabled by WeMo, which means that even if you forget to turn it on in the morning, you can set it remotely. ($103.99)

Cutting out sugar in sodas and fruit juices can go a long way in leading a more healthful life. The SodaStream is a handy gadget that gives you the bubbly sensation, without all the harmful added sugars (which can be very detrimental to long-term health). You can enjoy a cold fizzy beverage, even throw in a splash of fruit juice, for a delicious treat that is much better for you than soda. (Starts at $99.99)

Simple improvements can yield big results and these five kitchen gadgets can assist you in taking baby steps (or giant leaps) to better health.

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