Awesome Baby Shower Gifts



Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby and honor the mom-to-be. And with every baby shower comes the fun part – the gifts!

Every shower is bound to have its abundance of adorable outfits, diaper cakes and receiving blankets to coo over, but a unique gift that keeps on giving is a handy gadget or tech accessory. They far surpass the shelf-life of an outfit that will fit for a month, and will be most appreciated for making a new parent’s life easier.

Here are suggestions on must-have products that would make great baby shower gifts:

This multi-functional, no-contact thermometer is a must-have in any parent’s arsenal. It takes temperature readings without even needing to touch the skin (perfect for those middle-of-the-night fevers) and syncs to a mobile app to keep a running log. MyThermo can also be used to measure food, water and room temperatures. ($99)

Peaceful Panda
This adorable panda does more than accompany your baby in the crib, but also plays soothing sounds to help her fall asleep. Its hidden machine offers eight different sounds and melodies that will relax and assist in a great night’s sleep. ($31.99)

MyBaby Scale
Growth is measured by weight gain, especially in those first few months, and rather than relying on the pediatrician’s office for this information, having the MyBabyScale in your own nursery is a very helpful way to keep track. This smart scale syncs to a mobile app for an ongoing log, and grows with your child up to 110 lbs. ($159)

Nuna Leaf Curv
A departure from baby furniture with bright colors, this statement piece is functional and will fit into any room décor. No motors, no loud sounds, just put baby into the Curv give it a nudge and she will be gently swayed side-to-side for a safe and comfortable ride. ($229.95)

Buzz B nail buffer
Trying to trim those teeny tiny nails can be daunting, especially with the jerky movements that newborns commonly make. This handy nail buffer makes nail maintenance much easier and safer, and prevents any scratches from sharp nails. ($34.99)

Recently app subscription
New parents take lots of photos of their babies, but then it’s likely that those photos just sit in their camera rolls. This clever app for iOS lets you set your photos free. Simply select your favorites every month (or the app can select for you) and you get a monthly magazine of photos. It’s a perfect baby shower gift for parents-to-be. ($119.88 for year-long subscription, 12 issues)

Gift of Time
This might be the most appreciated of all, and doesn’t cost a cent. Give the gift of time by offering babysitting services, meals or just a reprieve from holding the baby all day. This gesture will be so valued, especially if it means mom and dad can take a much-needed cat nap.

There are a lot of great baby shower gift ideas to consider. Of course, when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts. Especially if that thought involves a very useful gadget.

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