Things That May Happen After Baby is Born



Every woman’s body responds to pregnancy differently. Some women relish in the long nine months, while others count down the days until it’s over, but the one certainty is the miracle that occurs when that baby is delivered. What a feat!

As everyone recovers from the experience in the days and months following the birth, babies grow by leaps and bounds and moms recover and heal. That process can indeed result in some oddities and just plain weird things that are totally normal. Here are a few that you may experience:

With Baby
Black poop: The tarry substance you see in baby’s diaper in the first days after birth is called meconium and it’s the equivalent to the baby’s first stool. A startling sight at first! Once the baby starts drinking breastmilk or formula and digests it, the meconium will go away.

Jerky movements: Developing muscle coordination and their brains being able to tell their limbs what to do is a reason for their erratic movements. Babies love being swaddled is because it simulates the coziness they grew accustomed to in the womb.

Erratic sleep: Sleep is everything during a baby’s first few months. Are they getting enough? Worried they’re sleeping too much? The one certainty is that nothing is certain in a newborn’s sleep pattern. Every nap and night can be different from the next but will eventually even out. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Acne: Pimples aren’t just for teenagers! Acne is a common after-occurrence from birth, when the baby experiences surges of hormones from mom and is also regulating her own. Baby acne usually resolves on its own by wiping with clean water and avoiding harsh soaps or lotions.

Fuzziness: In the early days after baby is born, you might see very fine hair all over his body, otherwise known as lanugo. This hair develops in utero and is sometimes present at birth. The hair will eventually disappear or “shed” as the baby gets older.

For You
Hair loss: You run your hands through your hair and clumps fall out. Fret not, it’s totally normal for this occur in the days, even months after childbirth, and is caused by falling estrogen levels (American Academy of Dermatology).

Excessive sweating: If you wake up from one of the short bouts of sleep you’re getting in a puddle of sweat, hormones are to blame. Night sweats are common and is a sign that your body is getting rid of all the fluids it retained during the pregnancy.

Excessive thirst: Breastfeeding moms may experience thirst that never seems to be quenched. As your body is producing breastmilk, it’s important to stay hydrated and ensure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.

Intermittent bleeding: Moms who deliver traditionally and via C-section can both experience bleeding throughout the first month post-partum. Hormone levels and the body recovering from the birth process are the primary cause.

While odd and sometimes unpleasant, these are totally normal things that you could possibly experience after giving birth. Of course, any symptoms that you are concerned about should be discussed with your doctor.

The human body has gone through quite an experience. Pregnancy and childbirth will prove just how amazing it is.

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