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BewellConnect Corp launches in the US market

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Our values

BewellConnect empowers patients to manage their own healthcare with an application that brings together their medical data, devices, and professionals on one platform that is built around their needs

Our Story

Putting patient empowerment at the center of its efforts VISIOMED GROUP, the French leader in medical-grade connected devices and services since 2007, has provided innovative solutions to a global market. Visiomed was founded by Eric Sebban, who had one strong conviction: that market need is what drives a product’s relevance, not vice versa.


In order to address some of his own health issues, Eric Sebban decided in 2004 to use his twenty years of electronics expertise to serve the wider medical community. In 2007, after three years of research and development ThermoFlash® is put on the market. It is the world’s first easy-to-use, reliable, and accurate touchless thermometer.


In 2016, BewellConnect powered by VISIOMED GROUP was announced for the U.S. market. BewellConnect is informing the future of health care through its ecosystem of connected devices and services that enhance care coordination.


BewellConnect Corp is led by CEO Olivier Hua, establishing BewellConnect as a leader in transforming connected health.


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